Friday, December 3, 2010


Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!
haaa.. what do you think about the title ? For your information that PIMP has nothing to do with PIMPLE (incase you guys think it is a short form of pimple) or MTV Pimp My Ride. This is the real PIMP which you can found in Bukit Bintang at 2.30 am. But incase in Epgyt or to be more specific in Andralxiea, 11.30 pm pun dah ada.

It was thursday night where my friends and I went to Mansyiah for some shirts and jalan2 since we have finished our considered-as-final-paper mid sem exams that afternoon. (ape punye mentaliti ni ? habis exam ENJOY, padahal baru mid-sem). Anyhow concerning the jalan-jalan, we ate some ice-creams, bought some sweaters and I ate Pattaya for late supper (post dinner) at MARA building. ngehehehe...

After that we walked to catch a Tramco and as I passed by the Ramlh square and Ar*b man approached me. He was on the phone at that time so he asked me to wait. I noobly wait ( till now I wonder why the hell that I waited when that shit asked me to wait ). Then the conversation begins :

PIMP: where you want to go ? (in arab accent)
ME: going back to our house.
PIMP: you have a house here ? you live in Andralxiea ?
ME: *stumbling* err Aiwa. Ana tolib fi Gamaah Iskandariah
PIMP: you want time ?
ME : ha ? what time ? (x faham sebenarnye)
PIMP: anytime
ME: heh ? Ana mush arif. *Ape die merepek ni, Time apekejadah nye*
PIMP: how many are you in the house ?
ME: six of us.
ME : yes six (bangang en ?)
ME: yes six (sumpah aku ingat die cakap SIX. you know the arab accent is bloody difficult to understand)
WAN: die cakap Sex la afiq -__-"
ME:la ye ke...
PIMP: You want ?
ME: La'a.. Ana muslim.
PIMP: you sure you dont want ? I can see you want...
ME: *senyum kambing * la' la'... ( terus blah )

here's the thing, I dont mind if he offered me a bitch but x yah la cakap "i can see you want...". Ape muka aku ni muka sangap betina ke ar*b wehh... pfffttttt.... serious malam tu dah habis SEKEMA kot with nerd spectacle. tup tap kene label muke nak sex. Grrrrrrr....... Anyhow, that was my story and thank god that is just a small test from Allah to me. So what say you ? If a Pimp offered you and you are abroad with no parents or family around, would you accept it ? hrrmmmm... tampar dahi tanyelah orang sebelah


Thursday, December 2, 2010

When the going gets tough, The tough get going

Alhamdulillah. literally I'm done with exams ( because there are still few more tests such as arab, dent intro, study skills yg x berape nak errr lets just make it as ...... )
It was a hectic 2 weeks so far in Alex with so many things to revise and yes not to forget CARVING! So far I could say that I'm satisfied with what I have answered except for 1 particular subject grrrrr... x pe2, let bygone be bygone and what is important now is Tawakal.

Allow me to give the overview of how the test looks alike


If you look at the book, it is similar to Sejarah F4 text book. Yup the one with so many words and sentences with very few pictures but in this case you have to understand the pictures as well ( If sejarah, you wont bother who on earth is that dead person in the picture! )


( SAME X ? SAME X ? OK X SAME -__- )

But that is just an introduction to what Zoology looks alike. What surprised me is that the questions itself. Just imagine you read up to 120 pages few days before the exam since that was the pages that have been covered and the question end up like this :

  1. Draw the structure of Areolar Connective Tissue and give the function of cell in the tissue ( 10 MARKS )
  2. Draw the steps of muscle contraction and the graph of Twitch contraction and Tetanic contraction (tetanus) ( 10 MARKS )
Me: Eh , ni je ke ? 'Flip the page to look on the Second page'


this is me -->

So nak x nak I have to answer the "questions" and I did answered but of coz followed with a very much prays and tawakal. Insyaallah everything will be fine kot ??!!


This subject is my biggest fear so far and same goes to the rest. Why liao ? Kerana... Kerana.... Kerana ye Muhd Adif kita hendaklah mendapat Kab Ba Ra Kaf Aliff Ta Nun Keberrrrkatan. Haa merepek dah. Well this is because we need and it is a must for us to carve the teeth. Haa, this is the thing that I ranting over and over and over again in my twitter. x caye , tgk ni !

So what is carving all about ?
well actually carving is an act of producing (an object) by cutting and shaping a hard material. In my contacts, carving is an act of producing ( a certain tooth) by cutting and shaping a hard wax.

How do I carve ?
Next post la I sepelin (explain).

Hrrmmm.. back to the Dental morphology. The test was divided into two sections, written and practical carving. For written, we have to understand and knows exactly each aspect and chronology of each tooth in our mouth. yes every angle and points . Alhamdulillah I could answered the questions and again TAWAKAL is the next best thing I could do. For carving, (both written and carving were in the same day) at first 10 minutes my adrenaline rush and shivers send throughout my body. We have to carve 'PERMANENT MAXILLARY CANINE' within 1 hour 30 mins. Then after 10 minutes, I managed to calm down and focus on carving. Whilst 'enjoying' and working on the wax, tgh tekun lagi khushuk nih, tiba-tiba

and explosion was heard. (Selamat x de ayat2 or aksi2 spontan yang bukan2 dilakukan, pheww) "sepertaya" a pelita-like where we put Kerosene in it and light up the wick which belongs to a girl that sits next to me was exploded. Dangerous kan ? the explosion was seriously sounds like an explosion (lol x tahu nak define camne dah) and everybody was utterly shocked and flabbergasted. Luckily the "sepertaya" didn't broke. If its broke.... i dont think this post was available by now. Alhamdulillah, syukur, syukur,syukur! Serious shock tahap dewa at that time. Then I started to shivers once again T.T On and on I managed to finish my carving within that period which again, Alhamdulillah. Now its up to Allah. and yes again TAWAKAL.

The rest of the subjects are something that I was malas to share coz nothing much to share. With that, I thank you. *bow, clap clap clap*