Saturday, July 10, 2010

the pursuit of happiness

i'm in KMS and i'm happy to be here :) seriously. it is super fantastically wholesome fun. as the fresher, I pretty hate the orientation. but as days goes by, it become more and more exciting and i could say its thrilling enough. the seniors are great and helpful, my lame thoughts was the seniors would be super cruel and super effing poyo. but it ended up the other way round. wohooo. alhamdulillah. plus our age difference is just 1 year. nothing much la. sorry for the SBP thoughts of mine. kinda get used to it.


word that i love the most. here in KMS, there are tonnes of new peeps from all over Malaysia. majority of them are from SBP and MRSM. so yeah, we kinda get used with the asrama environment. so many things to tell but i was lazy to type. sorry. lets keep it simple.

  • my new friends here are all GREAT!!!
  • the lecturers are as caring as kusess teachers
  • 1 room 3 peoples
  • there are only 4 guys taking dentistry
  • there's a stall next to Dewan Selera called LAHOMA. (my fav spot, melantak mlm2 sodap bai )
  • my class will start very soon and i'm gonna have to work my ass off.
  • the new environment welcomes me
  • i'm happy to be in KMS and i dont think i will go to Egypt although i got the scholarship :(
  • yeah the new aim is 40 POINTS AND ABOVE and let me FLY !!!!