Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pengalaman Pelajar Mesir ketika rusuhan #2

Date: 30 January 2011

Time: 6.46 pm ( Egypt ) , 12.46 am ( Malaysia )

Venue: Home, Cleopatra Sughra, Alexandria , Egypt

Temperature : approximately 12 degree, very windy

Received a call early this morning from my mom. She asked me the situations on Alex. After I told her what’s happening, I received a call from Malaysia every two hours. Hahhaha… Every two consecutive hours without fail. Lol. Anyhow, today tersangat-amat-paling-sangat bosan. Blerrrghhhh… The family didn’t allowed me to go out so I simply obeyed them. My phone kept on ringing today, phewww mcm perdana menteri lah pulak. Alex student who was stranded outside Alex have ask me whether or not it is safe to go back to Alex. Then dapat tahu yg TIADA Tramco akan ke Cairo from Alex. One of the seniors who suppose to catch a flight to Paris have cancelled her flight since there is no available transport to cairo. The train rail has been disassemble as well. So I can concluded that I AM NOW ISOLATED FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD! No internet services, no transport, no TV, no radio. Just the phone line. Curious to know, I make a phone call to the travel agent and he confidently said that the trip is on and the flight is not delayed. That mean the only option I have to get out from Alexandria is by joining the trip. It might be risky but I hope I was wrong. So harapan ke Turki berputik kembali. Hehehehehe…

x dapat pergi Turki, makan ayam Turki pun jadi lah kot -__-

Pengalaman Pelajar Mesir ketika rusuhan #1

hahahaha... best x tajuk ? mcm gila suspen dan skema ala-ala tajuk berita dekat Berita Harian. hohoho... biarlah, bukan selalu pun kan dapat chance to update pasal bende2 macam ni. Imma post some of the days I spent in Alexandria during the riot. I'm sure semua orang tahu sangat pasal rusuhan besar-besaran dekat Egypt tu kan, kalau x tahu ambik senapang tembak diri sendiri sekarang jugak! I'm doing it like a journal, podaah! so kene lah baca panjang menjela-jela.

Date : 29 January 2011

Time : 11.40 pm ( Egypt ) , 5.40 am (Malaysia )

Venue: Home, Cleopatra Sughra, Alexandria, Egypt

Temperature : approximately 14 degree, wind

It’s night and dark. The curfew starts on 4 pm onwards this afternoon and should end by 8 am tomorrow. For today’s record, there’s no riot or demonstration happens in Alex ( as far as I’m concern ). I never felt worse then today and at this moment. Lets start with early in the morning. Woke up at 10 am. The sun shines and brighten my day ecehh… Looked out the window and the scenery was just the same as before. Nothing much. Then received a call from Kak Kuya, regarding her plan with other 7 girls from Moscow. She asked me to be her mushrif a.k.a tour guide since I’ve been travelling all over Alex. She said that if the phone line is being disconnected tonight, then the plan might be cancel.

2 of my housemates (Ikri and Khalil) went to gym but eventually it’s closed. So they headed to their friends house near the gym just to discover that the curfew for today was 4 pm (yesterdays curfew was 6 pm). While having lunch, received a call from Ikri at 3.15pm and he asked me to buy the groceries. Yes we are running out of rice, sugar, and the cooking oil. At 3.45 pm I went down and there’s only 2 and ½ shops open. Each shop was full of peoples. The street was empty, unlike previous days, packed with cars honking one another. The shopkeeper seems rushed when I asked for 2 packs of rice and a bottle of oil. Oh, he even said that he didn’t sell the oil just because the oil was located at the top most of the shelf. So he kinda reluctant and malas to grab that oil. Ngeng! So I had to use my specialty in begging. Hewhewhew.. merayu punya merayu dapat gak minyak. Then the customers after me mintak something, semua dia kata x da. Hahaha.. cuak nak tutup kedai punya pasal.

7.00 pm when I was about to prepare the dinner, heard a noise from next door. Kalut gilaaaaa and clumsy gila-gilaaaa. Peeping through the hole on the door and I saw the owner of the house was talking to my neighbours and the corridor was dark. Usha punya usha, curious pulak nak tahu coz bile curik-curik dengar tak paham sepatah haram pun apa yg depa dok habaq. So bukak la pintu buat2 mcm “ eh what happen ni ? “ punya expression. Then x sempat nak bukak mulut pun, the makcik-makciks next door ni berebut-rebut nak bercakap dengan aku. -____-‘ cakap dalam arab lak tu. Bukan main lagi tangan diorang dok gerak atas and bawah show the direction of “close the door and tarik selak pintu” Luckily one of the makciks knows English. So she’s the one who translate everything. Bagus kan. Dia ckp tutup pintu and lock the door. I was about to ask why but my instantaneous action is always faster than the mouth. Tak sempat nak bukak mulut lagi nak tanya why, tangan dah gatal pegi tutup pintu. -__-‘’’ Then usha through window pulak to look at others house and at that moment I came out to realize that Alexandria was literally SHUT DOWN! Most of the houses were dark and the window has been shut. Without knowing why on earth everything is dark, we switch off the light as well. Then received a call from one of my friends asking us to switch off the light and lock the door for a reason and I certainly despise the idea of knowing the reason. Yes a bitter truth. Penjara di Cairo sudah runtuh and the prisoners were OUT! The prisoners were out there and rumours spread they have reach Alex. Dammmnnnn! Dah mengigil-gigil satu badan kecuakan. I never felt this cuak and seriously this cuak is something I can’t really describe. I rather being hit with Mr.Sam’s (discipline teacher) crocs then facing this. Seriously cuak T.T Semua lampu rumah tutup and all 6 of us duduk in one room ala-ala campfire tu just that the fire came out from the laptop. In my mind memang x dak benda lain dah.. pikir nak balik Malaysia je. Tak pikir Turky dah Y.Y Then I received and making numerous calls from and to friends and embassy. Right now angan-angan ke Turki which will be in 2 days time terpaksa lah dibatalkan for temporary. But I still hope and pray that I could go though to Turkey then baru balik Malaysia. Eheeee. OK dah malam and there are pemuda-pemudi arab patrolling our neighbourhood. So I guess I could sleep well. Insyaallah.

gambar ini diambil time bergelap dalam rumah. haaaa.. nampak x ? nampak x ?