Saturday, June 11, 2011


hello, hawawyu? I'm fine thank you.
The dentists went to the beach located in Hannouville, 30 minutes from Masr Station.
We had joy, we had fun, we had burned by the sun.
Kudos to Abd Rahman and Aiman (Medic year 3) for bring us there.
See, itulah kepenting senior bereducation. Pffttt, tak habis-habis dgn usop wilcha kau!

presenting Hanouville Bitch!
eh silap, Hannouville Beach!

We played some games but I dont know their names. But basically its like this,
they are two teams and each team has its own 'home'. Then together the teams will play one,two juice/jus/juz/jooz and the winning team will have to catch the opposition team members. The opposition team members in the other hand need to run and save their lives by entering their house. So the last team standing, WIN.

Nganga besar-besar, ready, 1, 2, jooooooooooz!

Dah kalah, apa lagi... LARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

And the one who is catching need to catch the opponents until the opponent can't move.
so inilah hasilnya....

dan lagi...

sesi cabul-mencabul

team members dah makin sikit T.T

Finally, team aku kalah dengan looser selooser-loosernye. Imagine, 2 members left without catching any of the opponent. Sila gali lubang dan tanam muka sendiri. Nasib baik the last two members standing in my group are... ehem-ehem paham-paham je la, orang hebat je own this blog. Lullzzzzzzz... tidur.

Then time mandi konon-konon nak buat human pyramid.

Baiklah squad, hari ni kita akan buat pyramid baik punyerrr dan kalahkan pyramid Giza.
Aiyai captain.

tengah sepam nak naik for second layer. Bagus, ada usaha di situ.

tapi try sampai 10 kali pun dua tingkat pyramid pun x lepas. FAIL. -_______-

When it comes to food, memang terbaik lepas berendam melantak nasi lemak [manly tears :') ]

Diet yang seimbang memacu badan yang sihat. Yeah rite.
Memacu x memacu, makan totap makan

perhatikan baju kuning, makan memang merupakan kemahiran manipulasi beliau demi memastikan kemandirian spesies kot.

jellyfish pun ade woooo o.O
FRESH DARI LADANG, eh salah lagi

Exquisite scenery created by God. Subhanallah

That's all folks!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Afiq is moving to his new crib and he is definitely happy and grateful *smiley excited face* Unlike his previous house which was half an hour from his faculty, small, located at the 8th floor with a constant out of service despicable elevator and super annoying + disturbing landlord, his new crib is just a stone throw away from his faculty, spacious, located at the 2nd floor with a nice elevator ( who needs elevator by the way when you can exercise using the stairs to reach the 2nd floor ) and an amiable landlord. Perrghhh dah macam pamphlet nak jual rumah la pulak description kau! Anywayssss, that shows how excited Afiq is regarding his new precious crib in Egypt.

the hall, terdapat NUR di situ !

The pink curtain is actually a mini toilet. How sexy is that?!!!

Sneak peak of the room. Mengada

Dont worry mom, I can still have a good night sleep here in Egypt.
Padahal time kelas pun kau ber-good night sleep kan?!!

sebelah tu katil and colourful wonderful almari housemate

there's another door which leads to the store.
Sealed the door! Segala khazanah mesir ade dlm stor tu

The view from the balcony.
Yeah, berdiri dekat balcony and pusing belakang, this is what you will get.

dining and the hall. again terdapat NUR di situ

Mind you that some renovations in this house memang x masuk akal langsung. I mean, who would think to do this zig-zag pattern dekat dapur. Konon kreatif lagi berseni lettew and one more thing, a jamban without a door??!!! Ko pikir apa, nak tayang dekat orang proses penyahtinjaan kau tu? -___-'

this is the main bathroom :)

dont worry mom, I can also enjoy my very precious shower here in Egypt.

So there you go, MTV CRIBS afiq's edition. Well, this house might be typical for those who live in Malaysia but try to live in Egypt, you might want to buat kenduri kesyukuran for getting this kind of house. With that, I thank God :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ya Habibi Ya Maulana

Namaste -_'_-

I have met a bunch of new friends here in Alex and they are Egyptians *wink wink* Al-kisah, it all started when all of us (ok not all of us actually, SOME of us) the Malaysian students scored badly in Language test last semester. LOL. So the dean and the vice dean came up with an idea to help us the Malaysian students to learn Arabic language.

Dean: Prof Dr. Maha Abdel Salam
Vice Dean: Prof Dr. Maha El-Tantawi
(No, they're not siblings)

It is very important for us to master the Arabic because later on we will have to communicate with our patients and they will definitely not going to speak english with us. Imagine there's one handsome english dentist who needs to work at Perkampungan Orang Asli somewhere deep in the jungle of Malaysia where the people at that place have no idea on what is English and what is even Malay ? Would the dentist still speak in English ? The answer would be YES because he always have an educated Orang Asli by his side who will be translating his English and the Orang Asli language. Contrary to the English dentist ladies and gentleman, we don't have any translator that is willingly to translate english and arabic here in Egypt especially in the clinic. I mean who would? So by any chance the Arabic is very important beside the dental studies.

* we have reached EVEREST, siap solat lagi tu *

Back to the Egyptian friends, the dean and the vice dean came up with the idea of Egyptian-Malaysian Interaction program where we were having our ice-breaking party on the rooftop at the Faculty of Dentistry. Jyeahhh.. there were many activities and the most important thing is FOOOOOOOOOOOD!

malaysian food

Egyptian food

the hall (well this is Egypt! )

During the event, we sing the Negaraku. Touching doh! The feeling isn't the same as what I used to sing back in my school day. This is something different. Tiba-tiba mcm bangga gila-gila jadi rakyat Malaysia. Goosebumps :") Rase nak balik Malaysia pun ada T.T Then the Egyptian sing their national anthem called 'Billadi' if i'm not mistaken followed by this 'voice of freedom' a revolution video. The Egyptians were really amazing. They're wonderful, friendly, awesome, sociable, easy going, and any other good words you could have ever imagine. 4 thumbs up to them :D

she's Ola

cheers to new friends

The Romeos

The Juliets

meet Tamer

Ha, yg ni bukan orang Arab

We even played some games and fashion shows. Both Egypt and Malaysian traditional games. As for Malaysia, we show them Batu Seremban, Gasing, and Congkak. The egyptian games are more to "tampar-menampar" games. Gila kentang! Keghoje nye asyik nak menampor je... Then we have this introduction to Malay language and the Egyptians were really enthusiast to know more and more. Lol, what's the main objective once again ???

SAPA NAMA ? like seriouslyyy???

They were also karaoke session right after the party. Damn, I was lucky enough to represent or should I say to humiliate the Malaysian for reading the lyrics instead of singing. *Fainted* Luckily there were only few Malaysians left and the rest were Egyptians. What a 'nice' first impression to the Egyptians. *Fainted lagi sekali* But after all, they still clap, cheers, and support me. Hahahaha... Terima kasih lah ye my new friends :")

It's FRIDAY, FRIDAY, gonna get down on FRIDAY!
(Rebbeca Nur Al-Black must be proud of meh)

Well the thing is, THAT DAY WAS REALLY A FRIDAY! *facepalm* but here's the good thing, we performed our Asar prayer together :) that's how Muslim role

Alhamdulillah, anak sapa la ni.

this is my lovely vice dean, Dr Maha El-Tantawi
She said 'I will come and smile' and that's what she did :')

Friday, March 25, 2011


25 MARCH 2011

Timah Hj Harun

Onyang telah sampai serunya
Perginya di dalam lena
Pada pagi jumaat yang mulia
Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat oleh yang maha esa

I was so shocked to hear the news. After subuh prayers, I realized that I have received some bbm messages from my mum, sis and aunts 2 or 3 hours before that. I was in deep grief since I was away from my family in this Anbia land. 4 days before that, she was very determined to send me off to KLIA and she kissed and hugged me 3 times at KLIA. She had never done that before. Allah knows better. I will always remember her wish which is pray the best for her and Insyaallah, she will always be in my prayers. Along sayang onyang. AL-FATIHAH

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


waktu kecik-kecik, saya memang sangat suka pergi airport. Tak tahu lah kenapa, but bila ada je chance nak pergi airport (selalunya sebab nak hantar ayah depart outstation la) mest excited semacam. Kerana apa ? Kerana saya boleh feeling2 nak naik flight. Tolak-tolak troli dekat KLIA tu sememangnya meningkatkan ke-feeling-an untuk naik flight. Skrip dalam kepala time tu (sambil tolak troli) lebih kurang mcm ni la, "bye bye Malaysia, Hello London" x pun "in a few hours time, I'll be in Paris main salji. Selamat tinggal Malaysia yang panas" or " kejap lagi dapat tgk pramugari MAS yg cun, excitednye" bile dah sampai boarding gate, sentap sorang-sorang sebab yg naik flight ayah je pun. Yang kau lebih-lebih ape kes ? -..-

ULTRASENTAP: Bi Bi Bi padan muka! sapa suruh berangan

Oh and one more thing yg membuatkan saya excited nak pergi KLIA adalah dulu time kecik-kecik, dekat KLIA ade playground yg bentuk mcm kapal terbang but sekarang tak tahu pulak ade lagi ke x playground ni, so time tu memang high gila bila dapat main dekat playground ni. main sampai x ingat dunia. x pikir dah flight orang tu nak berlepas ke, dah sampai ke, yg penting main sampai puas. HAR HAR HAR....

wooooo... best! best!

Haa, itu waktu kecik-kecik, waktu sedang-sedang sekarang ni (sedang ke godang?!), saya masih tetap sangat suka pergi airport. Kali ni advance sikit, bukan excited nak pergi KLIA je (but airport2 around the world) hahaha.. style x ? baru lah org ckp international. LOL! My horizon is widen this time (pandang ke luar tingkap ala2 berpikiran jauh). I don't go for feeling2 or cari playground yang best this time but instead I observe the technology, architecture, and the hospitality of the airport. Up till now, I'm still proud of Malaysia because we have KLIA yg seriously lawa, high tech and customer friendly kot! Nak kata I've been around the world memang x lah, but so far KLIA airport lah yg paling lawa.

Sebenarnye bukan nak cerita pasal KLIA, nak cerita pasal airport satu lagi. Tu ha.. tu.. tu.. airport yg dekat tgh2 padang pasir tu. Name airport ni BORG EL-ARAB hahaha.. that's why la, terkejut jugak time first2 nampak name airport ni. exotic sangat. kaaaaaaaaan ?

name ni mesti derive from belly dancer ni

I have to wait for 25 HOURS dekat airport ni before depart. ni semua pasal rusuhan tu la, menyusahkan betul. selamat airport ni lawa. walaupun x besar mana, but this airport is just nice for tourist yg terpaksa overnight dekat sini. Airport hotel ni pun ada, but time kitorang nak fly hari tu, dia cakap hotel dia tutup. Boleh pulak main tutup bukak tu.

time tengah excited sebab airport lawaaaa *shink* *shink*

after 8 jam, gila apa nak excited lagi ! khatam semua episodes korea -..-

Bila dekat airport, sudah semestinya makanan and minuman punya harga "tersangat murah", selamat some of us dah prepared untuk tidak boros sempena jualan murah di airport. TerimaKasih kepada :

mini croissant : sedap dimakan ketika kebuluq

chicken rendang: siap berendang bagai time darurat.
inilah darurat zaman sekarang. Gune jari pun boleh , x payah pakai sudu.

Maggi Asli Pedas: adakah mereka cuba menyatakan bahawa "Orang Asli Hot!"

tingtongtengtung (bunyi speaker airport):
panggilan terakhir untuk penumpang Gulf Air ke Kuala Lumpur, sila check in sekarang.
ok bye! Nak check in and fly to KL. Bye Alex!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pengalaman Pelajar Mesir ketika rusuhan #2

Date: 30 January 2011

Time: 6.46 pm ( Egypt ) , 12.46 am ( Malaysia )

Venue: Home, Cleopatra Sughra, Alexandria , Egypt

Temperature : approximately 12 degree, very windy

Received a call early this morning from my mom. She asked me the situations on Alex. After I told her what’s happening, I received a call from Malaysia every two hours. Hahhaha… Every two consecutive hours without fail. Lol. Anyhow, today tersangat-amat-paling-sangat bosan. Blerrrghhhh… The family didn’t allowed me to go out so I simply obeyed them. My phone kept on ringing today, phewww mcm perdana menteri lah pulak. Alex student who was stranded outside Alex have ask me whether or not it is safe to go back to Alex. Then dapat tahu yg TIADA Tramco akan ke Cairo from Alex. One of the seniors who suppose to catch a flight to Paris have cancelled her flight since there is no available transport to cairo. The train rail has been disassemble as well. So I can concluded that I AM NOW ISOLATED FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD! No internet services, no transport, no TV, no radio. Just the phone line. Curious to know, I make a phone call to the travel agent and he confidently said that the trip is on and the flight is not delayed. That mean the only option I have to get out from Alexandria is by joining the trip. It might be risky but I hope I was wrong. So harapan ke Turki berputik kembali. Hehehehehe…

x dapat pergi Turki, makan ayam Turki pun jadi lah kot -__-