Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mid Sem

2 weeks of Mid Sem exam

Dental Anatomy

Gonna work my ass off and I need bless and luck

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dalam 10 Cakap 1 Nombor

This is addictive.

Sunset in Alex

A series of sunset in Alexandria

captivating, magnificent, subhanallah

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Happens in Alex, Stays in Alex

Finally i managed to walk around Alex after nearly 2 months living in Alexandria. It was thursday evening where I should recite the yaasin instead of going out and have fun. Ish Ish Ish (sambil geleng2 kepala) lagha-lagha. Hrrmmm back to the point, Iqy who is a medic student from Cairo University came to Alex that day. Mind you Cairo was a 3 hours train ride to Alex. So it takes a lot of guts and time for him to simply come to Alex during his 2 days weekend holiday. Nak x nak kene la bawak die pusing2 Alex n so forth. Why he came to Alex at the first place ? hahahaha.... 1 silly reason where I think I should keep it private bagi menjaga sensitiviti masyarakat Islam di Mesir. LMFAO. There are 4 of us me, iki, and 2 girls. ( now you get what I mean ? >.< )
Picture speaks louder than crap words so here it is,

*padahal kaler sume lebih kurang same*

eyyyeeerrrr... why like that one. No idea. Btw, I'm her "MUSHRIF" not her "MUSHY-MUSHY". So generally, I have to accompany her where ever she go around Egypt. At least that was the rule as far as I'm concern. The girl should be accompanied with a mushrif for her safety (a body-guard like)

Motif-less pix. Pffttt

Oh did I mentioned earlier that we had our dinner at Chillis. Yesh, its Chillis and the price are very much the same as in Malaysia . Total of 4 dishes are LE375. Divide by 1.6 for RM thank you.

Then we lepak tepi pantai. Freezing cold sampai rase macam nak poo.
Winter + Seaside + Night = Pandai sangat

Entiti bukti: to show the presence of Iqy. Gambar terpaksa dicensored atas sebab-sebab yg x dapat dielakkan.

Its not really Alex though but lantaklah. hahahahahahhahahahaahahahahaahahhahahahahaha
we went back 12 midnight. 6 am Malaysian time. Yes, time korang bangun subuh baru aku sampai rumah. tu pun kalau korang bangun ....