Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pengalaman Pelajar Mesir ketika rusuhan #2

Date: 30 January 2011

Time: 6.46 pm ( Egypt ) , 12.46 am ( Malaysia )

Venue: Home, Cleopatra Sughra, Alexandria , Egypt

Temperature : approximately 12 degree, very windy

Received a call early this morning from my mom. She asked me the situations on Alex. After I told her what’s happening, I received a call from Malaysia every two hours. Hahhaha… Every two consecutive hours without fail. Lol. Anyhow, today tersangat-amat-paling-sangat bosan. Blerrrghhhh… The family didn’t allowed me to go out so I simply obeyed them. My phone kept on ringing today, phewww mcm perdana menteri lah pulak. Alex student who was stranded outside Alex have ask me whether or not it is safe to go back to Alex. Then dapat tahu yg TIADA Tramco akan ke Cairo from Alex. One of the seniors who suppose to catch a flight to Paris have cancelled her flight since there is no available transport to cairo. The train rail has been disassemble as well. So I can concluded that I AM NOW ISOLATED FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD! No internet services, no transport, no TV, no radio. Just the phone line. Curious to know, I make a phone call to the travel agent and he confidently said that the trip is on and the flight is not delayed. That mean the only option I have to get out from Alexandria is by joining the trip. It might be risky but I hope I was wrong. So harapan ke Turki berputik kembali. Hehehehehe…

x dapat pergi Turki, makan ayam Turki pun jadi lah kot -__-

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