Thursday, April 21, 2011


Afiq is moving to his new crib and he is definitely happy and grateful *smiley excited face* Unlike his previous house which was half an hour from his faculty, small, located at the 8th floor with a constant out of service despicable elevator and super annoying + disturbing landlord, his new crib is just a stone throw away from his faculty, spacious, located at the 2nd floor with a nice elevator ( who needs elevator by the way when you can exercise using the stairs to reach the 2nd floor ) and an amiable landlord. Perrghhh dah macam pamphlet nak jual rumah la pulak description kau! Anywayssss, that shows how excited Afiq is regarding his new precious crib in Egypt.

the hall, terdapat NUR di situ !

The pink curtain is actually a mini toilet. How sexy is that?!!!

Sneak peak of the room. Mengada

Dont worry mom, I can still have a good night sleep here in Egypt.
Padahal time kelas pun kau ber-good night sleep kan?!!

sebelah tu katil and colourful wonderful almari housemate

there's another door which leads to the store.
Sealed the door! Segala khazanah mesir ade dlm stor tu

The view from the balcony.
Yeah, berdiri dekat balcony and pusing belakang, this is what you will get.

dining and the hall. again terdapat NUR di situ

Mind you that some renovations in this house memang x masuk akal langsung. I mean, who would think to do this zig-zag pattern dekat dapur. Konon kreatif lagi berseni lettew and one more thing, a jamban without a door??!!! Ko pikir apa, nak tayang dekat orang proses penyahtinjaan kau tu? -___-'

this is the main bathroom :)

dont worry mom, I can also enjoy my very precious shower here in Egypt.

So there you go, MTV CRIBS afiq's edition. Well, this house might be typical for those who live in Malaysia but try to live in Egypt, you might want to buat kenduri kesyukuran for getting this kind of house. With that, I thank God :)


  1. Cool hause btway.. Harap2 aku diinvite tuk masuk. Xnk jadi uninvited guest
    P.s nak tengok jamban tak berpintu tu

  2. jamban x de toilet?? cool.. and berbau..